Saturday, August 27, 2011

There's Nothing To Fear

So, what has happened since Boston 2:49:58?

I got edged out in the Good Times 5K spring series by Tito.

I signed up for the San Francisco marathon.

I developed plantar in my left foot.

I lost all motivation to run.

I started biking more.

I got hit by a car while biking.

I started swimming more.

I discovered I hated swimming.

I survived the Finger Lakes 50 Miler.

I put in a long run of 10 miles.

I ran San Francisco in 3:00:35.

I still had no motivation to run.

And then something happened.

I started to take note of what the others around me were accomplishing.

EJ was tearing up the Summa Time series with new-comer Erica, setting PR's week-after-week-after-week.

Bash was catapulting towards his goal of competing in Ironman Arizona with a very respectable performance at Timberman.

Sully was well into this training for his marathon in Pocatello (I won't jinx you, Kid).

Zona bounced back from her FL50 adventure to capture her first ultra title, running 50+ miles in 12hrs!

Fil was being Fil and was having a blast training and running with new and old club members.

Yvette got over her hatred of running and completed her first marathon at SF.

Amanda did the same and completed her first half marathon at SF.

El Presidente was setting AG records left and right.

Everybody was having fun except for me.

To me running had become a chore. A job in more ways than one. I simply forgot how to have fun while running.

It was time for a change, but I needed to find out how I got to this point in the first place....

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  1. Do I get some kind of royalty for coining FTC? Great to see you blogging again J, I missed it. Here's to fun on the roads and on the interwebs!